Touch-and-go: .U.S spacecraft sampling asteroid for return

Touch-and-go: .U.S spacecraft sampling asteroid for return”

The play unfolds on Tuesday as the United States takes its first crack in collecting asteroid samples to return to Earth, which so far has only been achieved by Japan. The Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft is set to gather rock samples from the asteroid Bennu on October 20. A van-sized spacecraft will have to negotiate a building-sized rock around the landing pad to land in a relatively clean space with only a few parking spaces. There are large boulders like buildings on the target Downtown zone.

"So for some perspective, the next time you park your vehicle in front of your house or in front of a coffee shop and walk inside, think about the challenge of navigating Osiris-Rex into one of these spots from 200 million miles away", said NASA's deputy project manager Mike Moreau. "OSIRIS-REx uses a ring-shaped jet of nitrogen gas to loosen and move a large amount of sample from the top few centimeters of the surface, and capture it inside the collector with a design to collect at least 60 grams and as much as 2,000 grams of rocks and dust".

The spaceship is in an autonomous program after it begins its descent, but its sensors can detect if it has any surface hazard issues.

If the first attempt fails, Osiris-Rex can try again - but experts will still have to wait until 2023 before the samples touch back down to Earth.

The space agency notes that at around 5 pm Central Time (CT, same as to the 3:12 pm in PT) on Tuesday, the OSIRIS-REx will perform the TAG maneuver and collect the samples from the space rock.

The sample was an eyewitness to the formation of the solar system [some 4.56 billion years ago] Her analysis should give insight into the processes involved in the dawn of the solar system, planets and life, "Jason Dorkin, mission project scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center told me". Scientists consider it a time capsule full of handsome building blocks that help explain how life evolved on Earth and elsewhere. It is still possible that the surface will be too rocky to get the best sample.

The solar-orbiting asteroid, which swings by Earth every six years, could take aim at us late in the next century.

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OSIRIS-REx is created to be navigated in an area on Bennu of almost 2,000 square feet, roughly the size of a 100-space parking lot, says NASA. Scientists know more about threatening meteorites like Pennu, the safer Earth will be.

OSIRIS-Rex's mission began in September 2016, over four years from today, and only arrived on the Asteroid last December 2018. Nightingale Crater, the prime target, appears to have the biggest abundance of fine grains, but boulders still abound, including one dubbed Mount Doom.

"It's hard to return a model", said Thomas Surbuchen, NASA's head of scientific work.

The team fell behind and collided with the second and final Touch and Go costume rehearsal for the spacecraft for August. "COVID made it even harder".

Because there is a 15-minute one-way light time for the signals between the Earth and OSIRIS-REx, the mission team will have to uplink all the commands beforehand for the spacecraft to perform them autonomously. But not quite on the scale you might expect if you're picturing a spacecraft hauling a giant space rock. In this case, the spaceship will automatically reverse until it is 16 feet tall and try again.

Finally on the first try here, Loretta is anxious, nervous, excited, and believes that "we have done everything we can to ensure a safe model".

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