Orionid meteor shower peaks this week: How to see it

Orionid meteor shower peaks this week: How to see it”

The point from where the Orionid meteors appear to radiate is located within the constellation Orion. However, the show is yet to unfold and astound the people of the handsome light display.

When: The annual Orionid meteor shower began on Oct. 2 and continues through November 7, but the best time to check it out is during its peak period - during the overnight hours Tuesday, Oct. 20, into the pre-dawn hours Wednesday, Oct. 21. Occasionally, people can also see fireballs, CNet reported. For example, during the Perseid meteor shower you are seeing meteors ejected from when its parent comet, Comet Swift-Tuttle, visited in 1862 or earlier, not from its most recent pass in 1992.

It's unclear how many meteors per hour this means, but between 2006 and 2009, which were exceptional years for the Orionids, observers counted 50-75 meteors an hour, according to the American Meteor Society.

Sky-watchers eager to watch the Orionids can start watching the skies days ahead of the peak when they can catch a glimpse of one or two meteors.

A viewing area with lots of space is best to see the meteor shower's peak.

It is best to use your naked eye to spot a meteor shower.

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To see the Orionid meteor shower in 2020, the main tip is to observe it between the night of the 20th of October and the dawn of the 21st, when the peak of the phenomenon is predicted. NASA advises the public to just lay flat on the ground and look up to the dark skies.

These were the details of the news Orionid meteor shower will peak next week for this day.

"Lie on your back with your feet pointing southeast if you are in the Northern Hemisphere or the Northeast if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, look up, and enjoy as much of the sky as possible".

This week the world has seen the wreckage left on Halley's Comet - and it should be a spectacular show. They are made up of debris from the famous Halley's Comet.

Both cosmic beings are also close to the dying and exhausted star, Betelgeuse, who will soon experience a supernova and a great farewell.

"Fast meteors can leave glowing" trains "(glowing pieces of debris in the aftermath of a meteor) that last for seconds to minutes.

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