SpaceX officially certified to ferry astronauts to ISS for NASA

SpaceX officially certified to ferry astronauts to ISS for NASA”

According to, the Falcon 9 rocket's test-fire was done this Wednesday, November 11, in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Kennedy Space Center. The test is one of the last major milestones ahead of the scheduled launch on Saturday (Nov. 14). A couple of months later, Crew Dragon splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean with the same astronauts onboard, bringing the historic mission - it was the first crewed flight that launched from USA soil since the final space shuttle mission in 2011 - to a close. The spacecraft is heading to International Space StationShe brings with him three NASA astronauts and a Japanese astronaut. Despite a 24-hour fixed firing delay, the Crew-1 mission is still on its way to take off before (NET) 7:49 PM EST, Saturday November 14 - as long as the Falcon 9 completes its steady fire later today.

And the mission may be delayed once more if poor weather on Saturday forces NASA's to scrub the launch. The first stage of the missile is expected to land Cape Canaveral Air Station About 9 minutes after take off. Eastern time on Saturday, with docking at the station expected eight and a half hours later. "It's also the longest mission ever of a scary American capsule".

The company will be using a brand new Dragon capsule and launcher for the mission, which follows the historic SpaceX Demo-2 mission that brought two NASA astronauts aboard the ISS for a two-month stay.

The Crew-1 mission astronauts.

Taking into account the precedent set by him Experimental task 2The shiny exterior of the first stage of the missile is decorated with the iconic NASA worm logo.

With the Dragon capsule floating on top of the rocket, the duo It rolled from the hangar and onto the launch pad At Complex 39A on Monday evening (9 November). Its height is 256.3 feet (78.1 meters), and the pair was raised upright throughout the night.

Elon Musk's organisation has dispatched two individuals into space to date: NASA space explorers Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken, who rode to the International Space Station May 30 on board a Crew Dragon container mounted on a Falcon 9 rocket.

NASA Certifies SpaceX for Human Spaceflight Days Before Crew-1 Launch
The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule atop the Falcon 9 rocket ready for its Crew-1 mission. Source NASA SpaceX

To secure the launch site, the teams loaded the rocket with super-cold propulsion kerosene and liquid oxygen, and then briefly ignited the first phase nine Merlin 1D engines.

NASA on Tuesday officially certified as safe the Crew Dragon capsule developed for regular astronaut transportation by SpaceX, the company founded by Elon Musk that carried two astronauts to the ISS in May and back to Earth again in August without major incident.

Fixed fire testing comes on the heels of swapping out the devices.

Last month, SpaceX tried to pay for an upgraded Global Positioning System satellite when it noticed a mechanical anomaly.

In a thorough investigation, the remaining mask varnish left over from the manufacturing process prevented the machines from operating as expected. SpaceX replaced the two engines on that rocket and the Global Positioning System mission was completed Get off the ground November 5.

SpaceX found that this was the "trend" of the engines in the rocket used for the Crew-1. After SpaceX Changed Affected machines.

Successful standard fire test Now under its belt, the rocket is ready to fly. If successful, it will mark the 65th booster recovery.

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