Danish Farm Minister quits over mink scandal

Danish Farm Minister quits over mink scandal”

Irish national broadcaster RTÉ said there are understood to be no immediate plans to carry out the proposed cull, but officials in the Department of Agriculture have informed farm owners in counties Laois, Kerry and Donegal that it will happen.

Earlier, the World Health Organisation announced that the new coronavirus had been detected at mink farms in six countries - Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Italy, and the United States - since the outbreak of the pandemic earlier this year.

Food and Agriculture Minister Mogens Jensen said late on Monday the government had won parliamentary agreement for legislation underpinning the cull that would "hopefully create some peace". "I must tender my resignation".

Opposition leader Jakob Elleman-Jensen of the Liberal party said "this is just the beginning". The opposition party also noted that the welfare of people on the farms and the legality of the cull. I've apologized for that before.

Frederiksen has apologised publicly but maintains the decision to cull all mink was sound and based on assessments by health authorities.

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The global health watchdog also confirmed the susceptibility of mink to the coronavirus, which thereby renders them risky to humans, with scientists describing the mutated form of the virus as less responsive to antibodies and thus endangering the efficacy of upcoming vaccines.

Farmers said the move would end their business for good.

Two weeks ago, authorities drafted the military and police to help Denmark's 1,100 mink farmers cull their 17 million mink, one of the world's biggest populations of the animals, which are bred for their fur.

The establishment of an independent inquiry would need the support of a majority in parliament, including party allies to the government.

Mink on all farms known to have been infected have been culled, Danish authorities said on Wednesday, but a further 25 farms are still suspected of being infected.

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