Leonid meteor shower will be visible over New Zealand skies

Leonid meteor shower will be visible over New Zealand skies”

Every 33 years, the Leonid meteor shower arrives as a storm of meteors, with more than 1,000 shooting stars an hour.

The November sky show is called the Leonids due to the fact that the shower's emanation point - the spot from which the meteors seem to fan out - is located within the constellation of Leo, the Lion, from within the backward question mark pattern of stars known as "The Sickle".

Meteors can be harder to see when there is a bright moon, but fortunately the moon will only be 5 percent visible, according to the American Meteor Society. Light pollution from cities can block the view, so go outside to a quiet place with low lighting.

After midnight on 17 November in India, they can be seen when the sky is clear.

More info on the 2020 Leonid Meteor Shower can be found below.

The meteors can be seen across all parts of the sky, and NASA advise that if you really want the flawless viewing spot you should camp out in a less populated area, away from street lights.

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Reports state that the Leonids will be most visible in the Northern Hemisphere, but can also be seen from the Southern Hemisphere.

The next big meteor shower in the sky will be Geminids in mid-December. The shooting stars of the Leonid shower appear to be arriving from inside the constellation Leo, the Lion.

If one wishes to photograph the Leonid meteor shower, NASA suggests using a camera with manual focus on a tripod with a shutter release cable or built-in timer, fitted with a wide-angle lens.

A Meteor What astronomers said was a flash of light in the atmosphere when debris ignited.

Meteors, meteors and meteors usually originate from asteroids and comets. While orbiting, the Earth travels through this debris of rocks and ice that are left behind in the wake of a comet, and when the planet crosses them, this debris looks like a display of fireworks in the sky, which has been termed as a meteor shower.

The meteors are made up of leftover dust particles from Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle - which were discovered by Wilhelm Tempel on 19th December 1865 and by Horace Parnell Tuttle on 6th January 1866 - as the interact with the earth's surface. "The new moon on Nov.15 guarantees a dark sky".

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