South Florida hospitals to receive coronavirus vaccines in December

South Florida hospitals to receive coronavirus vaccines in December”

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He said the Hepatitis B vaccine now has an efficacy rate of around 80 per cent while influenza is more like 60 per cent.

That also leads to the "theoretical risk" of antibody enhancement where contracting something a second time can be more severe than the first - such as dengue fever.

"We were pleased to see that our vaccine was not only well-tolerated in older adults; it also stimulated similar immune responses to those seen in younger volunteers".

Sinovac Biotech Ltd. researchers have published data from early trials showing their vaccine is safe for healthy people to take, and that it sparks an immune response, though the company has yet to determine if it stops people from catching Covid-19.

Whether CoronaVac actually prevents people catching the coronavirus is now being assessed in phase 3 studies in Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey, along with the closely watched T-cell response triggered by the vaccine.

A key researcher at the university says this is important because vaccines often don't work as well in older people.

More news: Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine deliveries could begin before Christmas

Earlier reports had also suggested that as per a draft plan, 70 lakh healthcare workforce from the public and private sector will be administered the COVID-19 vaccine.

Although the results indicate the vaccine is likely to be protective, the trial data is now "blinded", meaning even the researchers do not know who has been immunised and who was given a placebo.

Volunteers got two doses of the vaccine or a placebo, and no serious side effects related to the AZD1222 vaccine were reported, the researchers said.

The covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech must be kept at ultra-cold temperatures. Instead, it looked at safety indicators and the body's immune response.

That was lower than antibodies from vaccine trials by world leaders Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc., which are using a different vaccine technology, and which recorded antibody levels in patients that were about the same as those who had contracted the virus. This is the last stage before seeking regulatory approval, and includes tracking the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing coronavirus.

Pfizer is applying for emergency use of its jab, with hopes that doses could be rolled out before Christmas for critical health workers and the elderly.

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