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Coronavirus: Immunity in COVID-19 survivors can last for years, claims study

Coronavirus: Immunity in COVID-19 survivors can last for years, claims study”

According to Business Insider, the study authors wrote: "Prior SARS-CoV-2 infection that generated antibody response offered protection from reinfection for most people in the six months following infections".

To date, studies have found that antibodies against the new coronavirus offer varying levels of immunity from infection.

None of the 1,246 staff with antibodies developed a symptomatic infection.

Jeffery, the director of Infection Prevention and Control for Oxford University Hospitals, described the results as an "exciting find" which indicates "at least short-term protection from reinfection." .

Of the 11,052 employees without Covid-19 antibodies, 89 developed an infection with symptoms during the 30-week period.

"The majority of subjects had a mild case of COVID-19, not requiring hospitalization; 92% of subjects were never hospitalized for COVID-19; 7% of subjects were hospitalized, some of whom required intensive care unit (ICU) care", the authors of the study said.

Antibodies build up during a viral infection and stop the virus from getting inside the body's cells and attacking the rest of the immune system.

As record-breaking numbers of COVID-19 infections continue to surge across the USA, scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital say they've found a possible COVID-19 treatment, and suggest that the "process driving life-threatening inflammation, lung damage and organ failure in patients with COVID-19, sepsis and other inflammatory disorders" could possibly be treated using existing drugs.

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But none of the three became unwell.

Scientists have been scurrying to understand immunity against reinfection with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that can lead to Covid-19).

"However, the neutralizing activity of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 has primarily been tested using cells cultured in the laboratory, and how these in vitro results translate to protection in animals or humans has not been determined". The researchers focused on a select set of the most elevated cytokines in COVID-19 patients, the hospital said.

Coronavirus is absolutely a new infection in people and people don't have immunity to the virus when the pandemic started.

It found in June about a quarter of the key workers studied had high levels of T-cells which recognised the Covid virus in their blood - but only just over half of them appeared to have had Covid-19.

But newer recent research on T-cells was more optimistic, suggesting a response could last for much longer.

But Dr Rupert Beale at the Francis Crick Institute pointed out that this equated to "only a very small proportion of adults (less than 10%, maybe much less than 10%)" who would be protected by pre-existing T cell immunity. They came to this conclusion: six months after infection, nearly all people still had a strong immune response, and therefore little risk of re-infection.

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