Google Chrome makes testing experimental features easy

Google Chrome makes testing experimental features easy”

Chrome Canary 89 comes with a Chrome Labs tool that gives users quick access to experimental features. Once you select one, you'll be prompted to restart Chrome like you would with the regular flags page. To address this issue, Google is now testing a new feature called Chrome Labs, which will promote some of the new flags directly to users.

Test versions of Chrome sometimes pack experimental features, however, you almost wouldn't know it when you frequently need to enable obscure settings flags to use them. It's not sure if this will be restricted to Canary or will arrive at more polished versions in time.

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You presently need to enable Chrome Labs through its own flag. This adds a speaker icon next to the address bar on the top. The former allows you to add tabs to a reading list, which is easily accessible via your bookmarks bar, while the latter lets you quickly find an open tab by simply searching for it - quite the godsend for someone like me, who has up to 50 tabs open at once! Even though the flags page is hidden, Google also sometimes enables experimental features automatically in limited tests, leaving some to wonder what changed. The two new features under Chrome Labs now are Reading List and Tab Search that you can enable, disable, or set to Default from the toolbar itself. We'll update this post as soon as Google releases more details about the feature.

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