EA Sports Is Creating a New College Football Game

EA Sports Is Creating a New College Football Game”

Video game developer EA Sports is officially bringing back one of its most beloved franchises.

To make the game happen, EA Sports partnered with collegiate licensing company CLC to make sure it had the FBS schools, traditions, uniforms and playbooks - among other things - ready to go for the game. The video game was the reason so many fell in love with the sport, and it's been frozen in time since the summer of 2013, with Denard Robinson on the cover of NCAA Football 14 and users still playing on old consoles.

The plan is to move forward without rosters that include the names, images or likeness of actual college players, which previously resulted in lawsuits and is the reason the NCAA did not renew its licensing contract with EA Sports after NCAA Football 14, which featured former MI quarterback Denard Robinson, was released. Current NCAA rules prohibit athletes from selling their NIL rights while in college. "That won't be a problem for us". However, EA has said that they are "continuing to watch those developments closely". The NCAA chose not to renew its agreement with EA following the dispute.

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The game, whenever it returns, will be the first college football title since NCAA Football 2014, which had former MI quarterback Denard Robinson on the cover. That's pure speculation for now, however, meaning we'll just have to wait to hear more official info from EA.

The company says the new franchise will deliver authentic college football experiences and the high quality gameplay. In previous iterations of the game from 1997 until 2014, the title NCAA Football was used, along with the year.

"Whether that's a reimagining or an evolution of things that were in the game before or new things and new ways to play, I don't want to get into the details of what we're already planning and what we'll put in that". In essence, that deal sidesteps the NCAA, which was also dropped from the game's name in favor of the broader "College Football" moniker.

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