REPLAY: 'Transatlantic alliance is back', Biden says in Munich speech

REPLAY: 'Transatlantic alliance is back', Biden says in Munich speech”

"The transatlantic alliance is back", Biden said in an address to the Munich Security Conference.

He said it was imperative that the United States work with other leading global powers to curb Iran's "destabilizing" ambitions.

"Multilateralism is boosted through the change in the United States government - the Biden administration has already demonstrated this with its first decisions" on returning to the Paris climate accord and rejoining the World Health Organization (WHO), she said. White House officials said Biden would announce at the G-7 that the US will soon begin releasing $4 billion for an global effort to bolster the purchase and distribution of coronavirus vaccine to poor nations, a program that Trump refused to support.

"It is Japan's basic stance that we assert our position and demand the Chinese side to take concrete actions", he explained. It has also rejected discussing other issues, such as its regional activities. "His speech just now, but also his administration's first announcements, have convinced us that this is not just talk but action".

LONDON, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Group of Seven leaders, who control a little under half of the world's economy, on Friday sought to look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic towards rebuilding their battered economies with free trade and to countering China's "non-market oriented" policies.

In advance of Biden's virtual appearances at a G-7 meeting and the Munich Security Conference, the White House sought to underscore that the new administration will move quickly to reorient the U.S. away from Donald Trump's "America First" mantra by announcing major reversals of Trump administration policies.

Biden also spoke about the economic challenges and security threats posed by both China and Russian Federation - calling the threat from Beijing different to that from Moscow "but just as real".

He urged European allies to join together to confront strong political and economic challenges from China.

After the USA opening Thursday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki signalled that the ball was now in Iran's court.

"The threat of nuclear proliferation also continues to require careful diplomacy and cooperation among us", Biden told fellow leaders via teleconference.

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Biden's turn on the world stage comes as the USA on Friday officially rejoins the Paris climate agreement, the largest worldwide effort to curb global warming.

"This is a global existential crisis".

"'I know the past few years have strained and tested the transatlantic relationship", Mr Biden said. "They're not transactional. They're not extractive. They're built on a vision of the future where every voice matters", he said.

His message was girded by an underlying argument that democracies - not autocracies - are models of governance that can best meet the challenges of the moment. But unlike Trump - who berated allies for not spending more on their militaries, expressed affinity for dictators and generally sowed unease on almost all of his trips overseas - Biden offered only steadfast reassurance.

At the same time, in an opening gesture, the Biden administration dropped a push for more sanctions at the UN crafted by Trump, and removed restrictions on Iranian diplomats accredited to the United Nations in NY. That determination had been vigorously disputed by almost all other United Nations members and had left the U.S. isolated at the world body.

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said there was now no such thing as P5+1 "because of U.S. withdrawal" from the agreement. The Trump administration had imposed the severe restrictions, which essentially confined them to their United Nations mission and the United Nations headquarters building in NY.

"US acknowledged Pompeo's claims re Res. 2231 had no legal validity", Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted Friday. And on Friday he plans to make clear his markedly different approach to Russia, China and Iran, the official told reporters.

Earlier Thursday US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned jointly with European powers that restricting the inspectors would be a "dangerous" move. They warned that Iran's actions could threaten delicate efforts to bring the USA back into the 2015 deal and end sanctions damaging Iran's economy. In a statement following the meeting Thursday, Blinken and the foreign ministers called on Iran not to take any additional steps to limit inspector access.

Iran informed the International Atomic Energy Agency this week that it would suspend voluntary implementation next week of a provision in the 2015 deal that allowed United Nations nuclear monitors to conduct inspections of undeclared sites in Iran at short notice unless the USA rolled back sanctions by February 23.

He did not specifically name Trump, who viewed Europe as a trade rival and often said he believed traditional United States friends were harder to deal with than adversaries.

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