Alex Salmond inquiry says Nicola Sturgeon misled committee

Alex Salmond inquiry says Nicola Sturgeon misled committee”

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she "refutes" claims made by Conservative MP David Davis over the Scottish Government's handling of sexual harassment allegations against former first minister Alex Salmond.

Why was the committee established?

The committee has been examining the Scottish government's botched investigation of harassment complaints against Mr Salmond.

Earlier, a spokesman for Ms Sturgeon said: "As with Mr Salmond's previous claims and cherry-picking of messages, the reality is very different to the picture being presented".

Their report is also believed to criticise Ms Sturgeon for holding two phone calls and three meetings with Mr Salmond, while he was facing the investigation.

The former first minister did not feel his treatment by the Scottish Government was fair.

How has the inquiry gone?

"As I say, the conversation was not about if she would intervene, but when", Salmond was quoted as having told the committee earlier.

The Scottish Government was accused of obstruction a year ago, with the committee saying it was "completely frustrated" with the lack of evidence.

Speaking during a visit to Glasgow, Starmer said that "the code is explicit and the expectation has to be - if there is a breach of the code - then there should be a resignation".

On two occasions, MSPs voted for the evidence to be released, with a deal eventually being struck in December to reveal the advice only to MSPs on the committee.

"I stand by all of the evidence I gave to the committee, all eight hours worth of evidence", Sturgeon told Sky, referring to her marathon testimony on March 3.

Mr Salmond and the committee have been caught in repeated legal wrangles over evidence published by the inquiry.

Lawyer James Hamilton QC, former head of public prosecutions in Ireland, is leading another inquiry into whether Sturgeon breached the ministerial code.

However, an adjustment made to a court order by Judge Lady Dorrian meant the evidence could potentially be made public.

Leslie Evans

A Scottish Parliament spokesperson said: "Further to media reports on the sommittee's findings, the committee is still finalising its report".

"I believe I was the first person Geoff spoke to about this issue".

But Ms Sturgeon said her predecessor did not have "a shred of evidence" to support his claims.

Is the committee inquiry the only investigation into the matter?

When asked whether she still had full confidence in her chief of staff, Ms Sturgeon replied: "Yes".

The Salmond drama, which had been bubbling in the background since 2018 but boiled over after his own explosive testimony to the parliamentary committee on February 26, could not only drive Sturgeon out of her job but do lasting damage to the SNP.

"But we have already detailed that Nicola Sturgeon lied to the Scottish Parliament and for that, she must resign".

The first of a number of expected reports about the row was published on Tuesday, in the form of an independent review of the government's recently-devised complaints handling process.

What has the committee concluded?

Members of the Scottish parliament's harassment committee have decided that Nicola Sturgeon potentially breached the "ministerial code of conduct" by misleading them when presenting evidence during a probe into sexual harassment allegations against Alex Salmond, reported Sky News. Sadly, she is not the first woman let down by a man she once trusted to face that charge, and regrettably she is unlikely to be the last.

Ms Sturgeon and her team have accused members of the committee of a "partisan leak", stressing she "told the truth" to the committee.

That a former Conservative minister should do this in apparent sympathy with a former SNP leader and first minister is not as surprising as it might first appear.

Currently, neither of the investigations have found that the First Minister intentionally misled either the chamber or the inquiry.

The vote has placed huge pressure on Sturgeon ahead of the upcoming Scottish elections that will take place on 6th May.

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