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Brexit: The United Kingdom released its defense plans on Monday

Brexit: The United Kingdom released its defense plans on Monday”

However, the decision to reduce the army's size to 72,500 by the middle of the decade, from an established strength of 82,000, could prove contentious domestically and among allies.

In Sunday's edition of The Telegraph, Defense Minister Ben Wallace wrote that the military had to adapt to threats that had "changed to the point of being unrecognizable" over the past 30 years.

As part of a major overhaul of Britain's Armed Forces, the UK Royal Marines will be transformed into a new Future Commando Force (FCF), reported the Independent.

"These changes will not require redundancies and we wish to build on the work already done on utilising our reserves to make sure the whole force is better integrated and more productive", he said.

Set to be deployed globally on an "enduring basis", the FCF will shoulder numerous traditional tasks of the Special Forces, the Special Air Service (SAS), and Special Boat Service (SBS) - Britain's maritime special forces unit.

The army will create a new special operations Ranger Regiment which would "be able to operate discreetly in high-risk environments and be rapidly deployable across the world", the ministry said.

The FCF will see the Royal Marines evolve from an "amphibious infantry" held at readiness in the United Kingdom to a versatile, special operations-capable force "persistently forward deployed".

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It highlighted the armed forces' continued global activity, including launching strikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq and drugs busts in the Arabian Sea, ahead of the report's release.

"Across a vast global footprint, we will be constantly operating to deter our adversaries and reassure our friends, integrating with our allies, and ready to fight should it be necessary".

The Trident nuclear submarine HMS Victorious patrols off the west coast of Scotland in April 2013.

Twenty-four Typhoon fighters and four Type 23 frigates will be also retired from service.

"The Government's commitment to spending £1.188bn ($1.6 billion) on defence over the coming next four years, an increase of £24bn ($32 billion) or 14 per cent, is an investment in the Prime Minister's vision of security and prosperity in 2030", he said. The Tier 2 body will become part of the Army Special Operations Brigade to be set up and will carry out its own Special Forces missions as well as support Tier 1 units - Special Air Service and Special Boat Service - in action.

Overall, there will be more money for new capabilities such as electronic warfare and the development of autonomous systems such as drones.

The National Cyber Force will be expanded, while a new Space Command is expected to coordinate the UK's military and commercial space operations.

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