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Can We Confront China Without Blowing up the World?

Can We Confront China Without Blowing up the World?”

Top diplomats from the world's two largest economies criticized each other over everything from trade to human rights in a high-stakes first encounter Thursday in an Alaskan ballroom.

Senior Chinese officials held a meeting with their U.S. counterparts in Anchorage, Alaska, this week, in what is expected to be the first of many, as Biden's China policy undergoes review, writes John Matisonn. He noted that relations between the two countries were hard and that it has "damaged the interests of our two peoples".

The talks took place in Alaska on Thursday, with senior officials face-to-face to discuss foreign policy and tensions in the South China Sea.

After the meetings, Yang told China's CGTN television that the discussions had been constructive and beneficial, "but of course, there are still differences".

He also warned Washington not to "underestimate China's determination to safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests", Xinhua said.

"Each of these actions threaten the rules-based order that maintains global stability", Blinken said of China's actions in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and of cyberattacks on the United States and economic coercion against US allies.

The meeting laid bare a battle between two world views shaking global institutions and disrupting industries from semiconductors to social media.

Moreover, enhancing coordination and cooperation between China and the United States, the two major players with global influence, is to follow the global trend of peace and development, which will also meet the expectations of the worldwide community. According to the reports based on video fragments of the meeting, the USA opening speech lasted five minutes instead of agreed four, China's - 23 minutes.

The typically tiresome prelude to diplomatic meetings spiraled quickly out of control in part because of mismatched expectations and because both sides delivered speeches meant just as much for their domestic audiences as for their counterparts. Before sitting down, the two sides illustrated the poor health of their relationship by trading barbs in front of journalists.

The Biden administration has yet to signal whether it will back away from the hard-line stances taken under President Donald Trump.

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BEIJING, March 20 ― The failure of this week's US-China meeting to build strategic trust has heightened the need for Beijing and Washington to improve crisis management regime, a senior Chinese military scholar and adviser told a Beijing forum today.

Does Biden have the gonads to go toe-to-toe with President Xi and defend American culture, American values?

China, for its part, accused the US of meddling in the country's domestic affairs, claimed the United States has a human rights problem and said the USA military uses its might to suppress other countries.

Yet over the past weeks, Biden had come under scrutiny from Republicans and media outlets that alleged he was "soft on China".

The BBC's Barbara Plett Usher says the talks are the first chance for the Biden administration to show how it intends to deal with what Mr Blinken has called "the biggest geopolitical test of the 21st Century".

Blinken was then shown telling his Chinese counterpart: "I have to tell you, what I am hearing is very different from what you described".

"So we don't think one should be so testy as to accuse some other country of coercion". Biden administration officials in Anchorage, including National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, faced pressure to overcome skepticism that their plan to rebuild the U.S.'s alliance network could be more effective than Trump's "America First" policies.

He said: "It was the U.S. side that.provoked the dispute in the first place, so the two sides had a strong smell of gunpowder and drama from the beginning in the opening remarks". Meanwhile, China is already working on climate-related initiatives considered to be much more advanced than the ones in the US.

The pair unloaded China's most critical talking points on the US, citing the killing of Black Americans and the Black Lives Matter movement as evidence of USA hypocrisy.

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