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Biden Pledges $174 Billion To EVs In Infrastructure Package Proposal

Biden Pledges $174 Billion To EVs In Infrastructure Package Proposal”

Biden said his American Jobs Plan would be the largest American jobs investment since World War II.

The first phase of Biden's "Build Back Better" program, which he set out in a speech in Pittsburgh, details massive investment spread over eight years.

The plan called for sweeping upgrades to transportation, telecommunications and energy infrastructure, which the US leader said was both about revitalizing an economy weakened by the COVID-19 pandemic and restoring its global competitiveness.

"It's time to build our economy from the bottom up and from the middle out, not from the top down. It's going to create the strongest, most resilient, innovative economy in the world", Mr. Biden said.

"Our adversaries are anxious about us building this critical infrastructure", he said, noting that the decline in America's gross domestic product means "the rest of the world is closing in, and closing in fast".

The coming months will test the negotiating skills of Biden, a veteran Washington dealmaker, to the limit, and the chances of his infrastructure plan becoming law remain uncertain.

It also calls for replacing 50,000 diesel transit vehicles and electrifying at least 20% of school buses and $20 billion to improve road safety.

Tensions lie between Democrats who want to pursue infrastructure more narrowly and those who view infrastructure as an opportunity to advance long-held Democratic priorities like paid family leave, raising taxes on corporations, lowering the eligibility age for Medicare and lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

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Republicans in Congress, however, are raising objections, arguing this would hurt American workers, slow economic growth and make USA companies less competitive in the world market. That one sentence will mean more roads, more bridges, more infrastructure, more new cement, more new asphalt, more new airports, more new everything.

But building a political consensus to transform Biden's plan into reality is no easy task.

"The Biden plan will crush American workers and decimate US manufacturing, while giving special tax privileges to outsourcers, foreign and giant multinational companies".

"No one making under $400,000 will see their federal taxes go up, period".

"Americans don't need a lot of selling to know that we've got to do big things when it comes to our infrastructure".

"We do not believe the administration's funding proposal is politically tenable nor a reliable long-term solution", said President and Chief Executive Chris Spear in a statement.

"This is not about penalizing anyone". I have nothing against millionaires and billionaire.

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