Deadly train derailment in Taiwan kills 51

Deadly train derailment in Taiwan kills 51”

In the island's worst rail accident in seven decades, 50 people have been confirmed dead after a packed express train carrying nearly 500 passengers and crew slammed into a truck near the eastern city of Hualien on Friday, causing it to derail and the front part to crumple.

"When such a thing happens, I feel very sorry and I will take full responsibility", Lin said after touring the site. Officials said they think he may have failed to properly engage the parking brake.

A rescue worker guides others as they remove a part of the derailed train.

"This shows the good side of Taiwanese society", she said.

At least 51 Members The National Fire Department said the dead and more than 140 injured were taken to hospital Taiwan.

President Tsai Ingwen inspected the Emergency Relief Center in the capital, Taipei.

"The court said there was no reason to keep him in custody", she told reporters.

The accident occurred on the railway line in eastern Taiwan at around 09:30 (0130 GMT) near the port city of Hualien. Authorities said the crash may have been caused by a maintenance vehicle falling down a ledge and colliding with a train just before entering the subway near the coastal town of Julian.

Deputy transport minister Wang Kwo-tsai said late on Saturday the railway administration needed to take hard look at all these issues, adding that his personal feeling was that "initially it looks like negligence" on the part of the building site contractor.

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Meanwhile, Japan has offered help to Taiwan in the rescue operation.

Those sitting in the back of the train seemed to have relatively survived.

Rescuers moving body bags of victims on a train which derailed in a tunnel north of Hualien County, eastern Taiwan, on April 2, 2021. "Suddenly I felt like I had a violent impact and fell to the ground", one woman told the television network.

"We broke the window in order to be able to get to the roof of the train and get out", she added. The train comprised eight carriages and had more than 350 passengers on board.

During this period, residents generally return to their villages to clean the graves of their relatives and make sacrifices. The lightly populated east where the crash happened is popular as a tourist destination, and the railway line is known for its handsome natural scenery.

The wind blows through the mountains and spectacular valleys before descending through the Huatong Valley through many tunnels and bridges.

The TRA said that the accident is the worst train accident in the past seven decades in Taiwan.

The last big track was flooded Going to 2018, When 18 people died at the southern end of the same line.

More than 200 of the 366 passengers were injured.

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