Defense expert: Floyd died from heart trouble, not restraint

Defense expert: Floyd died from heart trouble, not restraint”

Barry Brodd, a former Santa Rosa, California, officer, stoutly defended Chauvin's actions, even as a prosecutor pounded away at the witness, banging the lectern at one point during cross-examination and growing incredulous over Brodd's use of the "resting comfortably" phrase. Furthermore, a number of medical experts have stated Mr Floyd died by a lack of oxygen caused by compression to the neck.

Black's family cited similarities with Floyd's death in their lawsuit, in which they said Fowler and other Maryland officials "covered up and obscured police responsibility" for Black's death.

Nelson said the prosecution's expert witnesses gave conflicting opinions about what caused Floyd's death after the 46-year-old Black man was pinned under the white officer's knee for what authorities say was 9-1/2 minutes last May.

Still unknown is whether Chauvin will testify, which would leave him open to cross examination by the prosecution.

A lack of oxygen would impact the brain first, causing someone to become disoriented and speak incoherently, Fowler said.

The medical examiner in the case has called the death a homicide, but Fowler said there were so many contributing factors that he would consider the manner of death "undetermined".

Eric Nelson, Chauvin's lead lawyer, spent many minutes asking Fowler to describe the toxins found in vehicle exhaust and how it can kill people even in an outdoor area.

He also got Dr Fowler to admit that he didn't take the weight of Chauvin's equipment into account when he analysed the pressure on Floyd's body.

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He said this was a result of his "atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease" and came during Floyd's restraint by police, using medical terms to describe the narrowing of blood vessels and heart problems caused by high blood pressure.

The jury has previously heard from medical experts called by prosecutors from the Minnesota attorney general's office, who say Floyd had high blood pressure, a slightly enlarged heart and used opioid painkillers but that none were the cause of his death.

During cross-examination, Blackwell was able to get Fowler to clarify several of his claims, noting where he did not have data or a topic was outside of his area of expertise.

"Do you feel Mr. Floyd should have been given immediate emergency attention to try to reverse the cardiac arrest?" asked Blackwell.

"Are you critical of the fact that he wasn't given immediate medical care when he went into cardiac arrest?"

"As a physician, I would agree", Fowler replied. He said Chauvin's kneeling on Floyd was not a significant factor in his death and that Chauvin's knee wasn't near Floyd's airway.

Lawyers for Fowler say the lawsuit was filed on improper grounds, saying the way he certified Black's death did not infringe on the constitutional rights of Black's family. But the defense objected, and Fowler was not permitted to answer. Chauvin is facing murder and manslaughter charges.

Mr. Kelly also discussed the potential strategies that the defense may use, including looking at Mr. Chauvin's intent.

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