European Union launches legal action against AstraZeneca

European Union launches legal action against AstraZeneca”

Global health experts are calling on the USA government to send its stockpile of AstraZeneca-University of Oxford coronavirus vaccines to India immediately as health officials say they don't anticipate using any of the doses.

'Given the strong portfolio of vaccines that the USA already has and that have been authorized by the FDA, and given that the AstraZeneca vaccine is not authorized for use in the USA, we do not need to use the AstraZeneca vaccine here during the next several months, ' said White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients on Monday. She said about 10 million doses could be released "in the coming weeks" if the F.D.A. determines that the vaccine meets "our own bar and our own guidelines", and that another 50 million doses are in various stages of production.

Asked if India put it a request for these vaccines to be sent over, the senior official replied in the negative.

Canada will also receive 1 million more Pfizer shots and 650,000 Moderna doses.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that the USA stockpile of the AstraZeneca vaccine had grown to more than 20 million doses, part of a total of between 80 million and 90 million doses in some stage of production for the US order.

As many as 60 million doses are expected to be available for export in the coming months.

According to a diplomatic source, India had not made a request for vaccines until the last week. And Psaki stated on Monday that as "requested by India", the U.S. would provide "raw materials for the production of AstraZeneca Covishield vaccine", but she did not answer if actual doses of that vaccine would go to the country.

The US was yet to finalise where the AstraZeneca doses would go, the coordinator said.

"Just to be clear, right now we have zero doses available of AstraZeneca", White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said at Monday's press briefing, in which a remarkable amount of time was spent on questions and answers about India.

Political concerns have also weighed on officials, who are wary of sending doses overseas before every American can access them. "So this is not immediate".

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"Nearly half of the world's new COVID-19 infections are happening in India".

A spokesperson for AstraZeneca said the company could not comment on specific details of the distribution plan, but underscored that the doses "are part of AstraZeneca's supply commitments to the U.S. government".

"Therefore the USA is looking at options to share the AstraZeneca doses with other countries as they become available". "Global pandemics require global cooperation".

The EU has launched a court case against British-Swedish drug maker AstraZeneca over grossly unfulfilled commitments as to the delivery of 120 million of its Covid-19 doses.

Singh, now a member of the National Security Advisory Board, said the delay from US' side happened because the Joe Biden administration is still in its early days and many things are yet to fall in place.

"The administration may also have been anxious initially that it may come under domestic criticism, especially from the more hawkish "America First" elements..." "Further, there's an estimated additional 50 million doses that are in various stages of production and these could be completed in stages across May and June", the senior administration official said. "So there is a tremendous amount of domestic compulsion as well".

"We don't have enough to be confident to give it - send it overseas now", he said.

She added: "There were glaring gaps in our own preparedness".

The World Health Organization and the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have urged African governments to continue rolling out the AstraZeneca vaccine, saying its benefits outweigh any risks after European countries limited its use over concerns about rare blood clots in a small number of recipients. When it comes to overall deaths, experts believe India's true toll could be close to 990,000, not the current figure of 198,000, due to the country's underfunded health infrastructure which has historically struggled to count its dead, Jessie Yeung reports.

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