Denmark Bars Johnson & Johnson Vaccine From Covid Vaccination Programme

Denmark Bars Johnson & Johnson Vaccine From Covid Vaccination Programme”

The FDA ordered the facility to stop making more J&J vaccine until the problems are corrected and the earlier mistake on the doses resulted in all 15 million being destroyed.

She said it is up to every person to decide how much they can tolerate the extra risk the viral-vector vaccines bring, their risk of getting COVID-19, and whether the risk of waiting to get an mRNA vaccine outweighs the risk of potentially getting a blood clot from the vaccines by AstraZeneca or J&J.

"That would be an individual choice ..."

The vaccines arrived from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's distribution.

Health Canada said that a drug substance, an active ingredient that undergoes further processing before becoming the final product, produced at the Emergent site was used in the manufacturing of the initial JNJ vaccines received on April 28 and intended for use in Canada. "Depending where one lives and type of activity one does", Deeks said.

From May 15, all people in the 50-54 age bracket, regardless of health, will be eligible for a vaccination.

Conservative health critic Michelle Rempel Garner said in question period Monday that NACI's advice is going to leave a lot of people confused about what vaccine to get - the first offered or the one they want.

Allen County Health Department nurse Candice Roberts administers the vaccine Friday evening during the clinic at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Cable Road

Ottawa approved the New Jersey-based pharmaceutical giant's Covid vaccine in early March, becoming one of the first after the United States to do so.

No J&J doses have been injected in Canada thus far, but in the USA they have documented 17 cases of the blood-clotting disorder in about eight million doses given.

Those shots will only be released for distribution once Health Canada ensures they've met its "high standards for quality, safety and efficacy", the federal department said in a statement Friday evening.

As was the case with the AstraZeneca jab, the vaccine will be axed due to concerns relating to serious blood clots.

AstraZeneca's jab is meanwhile being administered in 160 countries, Pfizer's in 80, and Moderna's in about 40 countries.

It also marks the latest hurdle for the single-dose vaccine, which has been long-awaited in hard-hit regions as a way to quickly immunize vulnerable populations.

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