Defeat for Joe Biden as Republicans block voting rights reform Bill

Defeat for Joe Biden as Republicans block voting rights reform Bill”

While Manchin's vote on the motion to proceed Tuesday willgive an indication on where he personally stands on the larger piece of legislation, it doesn't change the fact that Democrats remain 10 GOP allies short to begin debate, let alone vote, on the bill.

US Republicans have torpedoed a Democratic bid to implement nationwide election rules, a cherished priority of President Joe Biden's party. As I have said before, the right to vote is fundamental to our American democracy and protecting that right should not be about party or politics. With only 49 Democrats and not a single Republican expected to support the For the People Act, a version of which has already passed the House, the bill is all but dead.

In anticipation of the Senate vote Tuesday evening on the For the People Act, a bill meant to expand voting rights and counter restrictive voting laws pushed by GOP lawmakers, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., denounced Republican efforts to stop the legislation from being passed.

Democratic leaders vowed to keep fighting to pass voting rights laws, saying the fight was not over, but many experts say its prospects as a sweeping bill appear slim.

Thompson, host of the "Make It Plain" podcast, was present in a five-person panel on MSNBC's "The Beat with Ari Melber" to discuss the bill failing to get the 60 votes needed to overcome the filibuster. That's why, according to the Senate leader, there are so many Republican-led states passing more voter laws.

During the Senate session, Vice President Kamala Harris presided over the vote.

There was never much doubt that the comprehensive voting rights bill was dead in the Senate.

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However, even if the bill advanced, Democrats have their own divisions.

Stacey Abrams also announced her support for Manchin's plan, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is using as another reason Republicans should oppose the bill.

In 2013, it gutted a key section of the Voting Rights Act that protects minority voters and in 2019 rejected efforts to rein in electoral map manipulation by politicians aimed at entrenching one party in power, a practice known as gerrymandering.

But Republicans said the package was a federal power grab against the authority of individual USA states to ensure the integrity of their own elections, designed purely to benefit Democrats.

But Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, called the legislation a "radical proposal" created to "rig" the rules of American elections permanently in the Democrats' favour.

Some Democrats accused Mr Biden of not campaigning for the bill energetically enough. Democrats themselves used the filibuster to block Republican bills during Mr Trump's presidency.

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. - who previously voiced opposition to the For the People Act - voted to open debate as Sen. That was an unfair, even outrageous, characterization of the Democrats' proposal, the ambitious For the People Act, not to mention an exercise in projection.

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