Slot machines: the invisible influence of notes

The influence of music on human life can hardly be overestimated. It doesn't matter where: at work, rest or at home - it is music that is able to evoke the desired emotion or create suitable atmosphere.

Music has long gone beyond the confines of concert halls and has become one of the background and permanent elements of human life. Music accompanies us on the way to work, adjusts to productivity, joy, sadness or relaxation. Under the influence music, masterpieces of painting or literature are created, the last meters of daily runs. 

People rarely think about the mechanics of this kind of influence. But numerous research confirms that different styles of music have unique properties. Melbourne scholars, for example, advise to be careful with hard rock, as this genre can cause aggressive states, and here is a comprehensively positive impact on a person, according to numerous research, provide the classic works of famous world composers.

In Western Europe, the musical marketing is so a common occurrence that there is a whole industry whose representatives are companies specializing in musical design concepts trade enterprises. It is significant that the industry leader is a company formerly with the US government.

Her task was to create musical compositions for defense enterprises with the purpose of increasing labor productivity without financial incentives for workers.

Music and Marketing: The Impact of Music on promotion of goods
The impact of music on consumer behavior is one of the most in-demand topics in business. Thus, restaurant visitors can appreciate the level of the institution, barely having crossed its threshold, and the shop owners have the opportunity to detain or steer the buyer in the right direction by simply switching songs.

The combination of music and advertising, in principle, has a very powerful effect on a person impact. So, a catchy melody can imperceptibly for the buyer to induce him to buy this or that product, repeating itself many times in his head.

Researchers emphasize that when choosing background music for the sphere service or retail it is important to consider all factors: volume, tempo, rhythm and style. However, a classic marketing question the target audience is also not worth it discounted.

There is even a separate direction in science studying the impact of music on consumer preferences - musical marketing. It is believed that competently handpicked music escorting can help increase sales. According to the rules music marketing, it is the sound element that can create a certain brand perception.

The influence of music on gameplay: slots
It is logical that everything said above about the influence of music on human behavior is true and in the context of the gameplay. Therefore, the selection of musical compositions is also important when creating the necessary environment in land-based gambling establishments. Under the influence globalization processes have become one of the most popular types of casino online slots machines in classic format as well as interactive. If this type of gambling entertainment is not prohibited on the territory jurisdiction, of course.

Having collected data published in the public domain, we analyzed the action and musical preferences of the world's major slots developers.

The developers of slot machines pay a lot of attention not only to the functional component of slots, but also thematic. In this case, the influence factor of music and maybe to be almost decisive when choosing one or another simulator. Music is not only sets the pace of the game, but also allows you to immerse yourself in the story that offers developer. There are even separate slots dedicated to classic or contemporary musical works, as well as their performers.

However, everything has a flip side of the coin. According to research, music, that accompanies the game of slots, may cause visitors to gambling establishments addictive. Scientists have also proven that a melody that is traditionally sounds from slot machines, influences the player, increasing the level excitement and contributing to the growth of excitement.

Psychologists at the University of Waterloo, Canada, conducted a study by participants which was 96 volunteers. The main subject of study was the change heartbeats of players during the game or at the end of it.

In addition, scientists conducted a survey at the end of the experiment to understand what it is the emotions that the visitor experiences and how they are influenced by the musical accompaniment. The vast majority of participants in the experiment - 72.5% reported that they enjoyed playing with the sound effects more than without it.

By analyzing the players in pokies Australia online visually, while paying attention to the skin, scientists found that players who used the sound mode of games were more emotional excited, and the game session itself becomes more fun for them. After measuring the level of conductivity of the skin turned out to be an indicator of many above, if the participant included musical accompaniment at the start of the slot.

Players' heart palpitations tend to accompany winning rounds, with lesion, the pulse rate most often remained unchanged.

However, the most significant effect was that the players who took advantage of with musical accompaniment in the machines, had the feeling that they won by 24% more rounds than it actually is.

The analogous indicator for those who chose to turn off the music was only 15%.

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