GTA 5 PS4 buy money and play golf

As you know the fifth part of the iconic Grand Theft Auto is full of different entertainments that are needed to go through in order to reach one hundred percent of the gameplay walkthrough. After filling your wallet with fresh green from GTA 5 PS4 buy money such leisure activities as car and bike street racing, water jet ski, off-road racing, and parachute jumping will make the game sensations much brighter. At this point, let's focus on a more safe and relaxed form of active recreation, golf playing.

GTA golf, the history

Veterans and fans well remember that this sport first appeared in the GTA: Vice City. But in the old part, the player could not really enjoy the game. Beautiful game fields and riding the golf carts were the only entertainment available at that time. The same situation has occurred in GTA4: San Andreas, and Episodes. In all of these releases, the character was allowed only to play a closed version of minigolf (Vice City Stories and The Ballad of Gay Tony).

In the fifth part of GTA, the developers did a great job creating a full-fledged golf simulator. The player can start golf playing not from the very beginning but only at the end of mission #4, Complications. It's about a mission in which Franklin goes to retrieve the car that Jimmy sold in the previous story.

Where and how to play golf

There is only one place to play, and that is a local club called Los Santos Golf Club. The sports facility does not work around the clock. It is opened from 6 am to 6 pm. The entrance ticket will cost a hundred dollars per person. To play here for free, you need to become the owner of the club. This will be possible later when one of the protagonists has enough money to buy it. Here the character can arrange competitions both with his friends (it is necessary to pay for it) and with other visitors. In total, you will have access to five opponents with different levels of game skills:

  • Todd is easy to defeat.
  • Aaron and Jeff play on medium difficulty.
  • Castro and Glenn are high players, they will be the hardest to beat.

Moreover, Castro will be available for the competition only if one of the three protagonists takes him to the golf club while performing a random event. Otherwise, Castro will not appear there.

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Of course, the main objective of the competition is to win. Any of the characters must beat the opponent. It doesn't matter here whether he is a member of the club or come with a player. In addition, it doesn't matter how many holes are played in the game. There are nine available in total. Each golf course is worked out to the smallest detail: all locations have a unique landscape and the number of pars (several strokes to complete the one hole playing).

To get the achievement, the player must make several birds during the whole game (when the number of strokes is under par). This means you have to hit the ball in the hole, not in four hits, but just three or two. The general rules are not complicated and you will quickly learn the main points while playing.

A couple of useful play hints

To make everything easier to go, it is recommended to follow several simple tips:

  • The first hit is the main one. It sets the initial direction for the ball. Consider wind direction and aim as accurately as possible.
  • Stronger does not mean better. The optimal impact force should be chosen based on the scale that appears when the character swings his arm in order to strike.
  • Try not to hit in the direction where you see the water or the border of the golf course. Avoid trees and sand. Also, avoid aiming the ball where tall grass is growing.

When the ball is located near the hole, the strike is automatic.

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